Good Works Done 2021

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Kollam Rural Police have arrested two youths from Andhra Pradesh with Hashish oil worth crores of rupees. Kollam Rural DANSAF Team and Pathanapuram Police arrested two Andhra natives with hashish oil worth crores of rupees. Ramu, age 24, and Muralla Shravan Kumar, age 27, both from Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh, were arrested. Read More
Kollam Rural Police arrested two indigenous Telangana with 65kg of Ganja.. Brahmaiah, 35, and Haribabu, 30, from Telangana, were arrested with over 65 kg of Ganja while checking vehicles near the Aryankavu checkpoint. Read More
Kottarakkara police arrested the thief within hours who stole a vacant house on kizhkketheruvu kottarakkara. The Kottarakkara police have arrested the accused in the case of stealing gold ornaments and three lakh rupees from the house in kizhakketheruvu. Read More
Operation P-Hunt: Widespread action in Kollam Rural against those who spread nude pictures of children. As part of the statewide P-Hunt raid on 06.06.2021, legal action was taken against those who circulated nude videos and pictures of children in the Kollam Rural District. Read More
Vehicle thieves were arrested by Kundara Police. Kundera Police have arrested Faisal (22) and Anish (20), accused in the case of stealing auto, motorcycle, car and mobile from Kottarakkara and Kundara Read More
Last updated on Thursday 7th of July 2022 05:37:39 PM