Anchal Police Station

0475 2273366

Anchal Police station is under the administrative Jurisdiction of Punalur Sub Division. Anchal Police Station is situated at Anchal about 100 meters north to Market junction and Eastern side of Anchal Thadikkadu Road before reaching Kolara Bridge. Anchal, Alayamon and part of Edamulackal Gramapanchayath, Anchal, Arakkal, Edamulackal and Alayamon Villages constitute the Geographical area of this station. Ithikkara river flows through the northern side of Anchal Police Station limit which demarcate the boarder of Anchal and Kadakkal Police station.

Inaguration of Anchal Police Station

Sanctioned Strength Details


Jurisdiction Details

Sub-division Punalur
Parliament constituency Kollam
Legislative Assembly.Punalur
Border Police Stations. Kadakkal, Punalur, Pathanapuram, Kottarakkara
Jurisdictional Court.JFMC I Punalur, SDMC Kollam

Establishments & Institutions in Anchal PS limit

    Name of Panchayath OfficePhone No.
    Anchal Grama panchayath 0475 2273236
    Edamulackal Grama Panchayath 0475 2273344
    Alayamon Grama Panchayath
Name of Village OfficePhone No.
Anchal Village 0475 2277436
Arakkal Village 0475 2208208
Edamulackal Village 0475 2278272
Alayamon Village
Channappetta Village
Name of Govt. InstitutionsPhone No.
KSEB Anchal 2273271
Excise Office 2274445
Forest Office 2270100
Agriculture Office, Anchal 2270710
Agriculture office, Edamulackal 2207220
Agriculture Asst. Director office, Anchal 2270709
Veterinary Hospital 2274479
Post Office Anchal 2273230
Post Office, Edayam 9633495475
Post Office, Thadikkadu 9947978952
Sub Registrar Office, Anchal 2270653
PWD Office Anchal 2270499
BSNL Office, Anchal 2273666
Sub Treasury Anchal 2278844
AEO Office, Anchal 2274622
ESI Branch Office 2277927
Resurvey Office, Anchal 2274051
Name of Hospitals Place.
Govt Hospital2273560
Christy Infertility Hospital 2273265
Dr. Devadas Hospital 2273338
Parakkattu Hospital 2273318
St. Joseph,s Hospital 2271341
Soorya hospital 2274527
Anchal Hospital for Mother and Child 2279411
Childrens Hospital 2273673
Prabhus Hospital 2270380
Sabarigiry Hospital 2271164


Malamel Siva Temple

Malamel is a village in Pathanapuram Taluk in Kollam district. This village is situated between Anchal and Valakom by-pass road. At Malamel, there is a huge rock on which there is a famous Shiva Temple. The temple has 5 doors and is considered to be divine and ancient because of the close proximity of Jadayupara (Chadayamangalam). It has also a cave at extreme left of the temple. This cave is believed to be a haven for very venomous snakes. Famous temples like Arackal Devi Temple and Perumannur Devi Temple are nearby.