Kottarakkara Sub Division

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Jurisdictional Map of Kottarakkara Sub Division

Kottarakkara Sub-division headquarter is at Kottarakkara, landmarked by the Famous Maha Ganapathy Temple. Nine police stations (Kundara, East Kallada, Ezhukon, Pooyappally,Kottarakkara, Kottarakkara Traffic, Puthoor,Sasthancotta and Sooranade )and four circles(Kundara, Ezhukon, Kottarakkara and Sasthancotta) constitute Kottarakkara Sub division.The sub division extends from Enath in the north to Nilamel in the south and from Chandanathoppu to Chengamanad in the east.

The famous “Maha Ganapathy Temple” is situated in this sub division is an important place of attraction for the pilgrims and devotees round the year. Kottarakkara Thamburan, the founder of the World Famous Classical Art “Kathakali” was one of ancient rulers of Kottarakkara and there is a museum namely Kottarakkara Thamburan Museum is provides a detail knowledge to the visitors about the origin of “Kathakali” and it different attires and ornaments. The remarkable personalities like Shri. Kottarakkara Sreedharan Nair, Shri.Kudavatoor Murali who contributed a lot to the film industry, were born and lived in this sub division. The “Muzafir building” commonly Known as Travelers Bungalow hosted the “Father of our Nation Mahatma Gandhi” in 1930s and he lead a protest march against menace of prohibition of the down trodden people to enter into the temple premises, from this Muzafir Building to Thrikkanamangal Shree Krishna Swamy Temple and declared that there will not be any prohibition to the Harijans to enter into the temple premises and offer their prayers. It is an important milestone in the History of India. The District Crime Records Bureau and Control Room are functioning in the Muzafir building.

The famous “Kundara Proclamation” by Veluthamby Dhalava was at Kundara in this sub division.The largest fresh water lake in Kerala, situated at Sasthamcotta is another landmark in this sub division. The “Kallada Valiya Palli”and the “Kundara Orthodox Church” are other landmarks in this sub division. People who believe in different religions harmoniously live together in this sub division. The common people usually depend upon Cashew industry and agriculture sector for their lively hood. Majority of the people are peace loving and different communities are living in harmony in this sub division. The literacy rate in this sub division is almost reaching to cent percent.The “Kallada Uthrittathi Boat Race” conducted at the end of Onam celebrations is one of the prime attractions of this sub division.

  • Kottarakkara Sub Division
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